Thursday, February 14, 2013

Orasi and Difha

The love between Orasi and Difha, two Eridarians, garnered no special attention. They met, were married, and were soon planning on children; until that heart-wrenching day when Difha, a city guard, was killed during a Dravn attack. Orasi was devastated; her love was gone, and with him, her heart felt empty. All she had was her husbands soul-stone, with Difha's soul stored safely inside, away from the evil of the Unreal.

But rumours of Sigurn science ressurecting the dead reached through her desperation, and took her on a fantastic voyage to Viatga. She petitioned Sigurn and Eradrean alike, hoping that they would let her into Napra-Sigurn, hoping she could be the first Eradrean - the first non-Sigurn - to learn the art of golem construction, the delicate construction of a creature capable of supporting the soul of another.

She studied for years, in a small stone building outside the gates of Napra-Sigurn. She fought the cold-summers and the freezing-winters, battled with Helos invaders and the planets vicious natural predators, only to be turned away, time and again, from the only dream she had left. For twenty years she struggled on..

..until she met Berlar Gurud. The Gurud family had practically invented soul-stones centuries ago, and as The Grand Hammer of Anvil looked upon poor Orasi, he saw a longing he had never seen in all his 200 years of life. He took her in, brought her under his wing, and taught her everything he knew. Bit by bit, piece by piece, she constructed a golem out of Siofra Soul-Wood, imported from Eradrea, and shaped it like her husband.

It took years.

But when she implanted the soul-stone into her golem, and heard Difha's sweet voice echo from its lips, she felt complete again.

Even today, they live happily together. Lost in the forests of Eradrea, away from prying eyes who may disagree with their love, and more importantly, away from anybody who may tell Difha that he had already died once.....