Friday, February 14, 2014

No Price Too High

There was no love greater than that between Indara and Ahram, the Sorcerers of the Court of the Dreamweaver. When Indara looked death in the face one eve after battle, Ahram was left alone to wrest the soul of his beloved from the Unreal. Ahram found himself battered and broken by the daemons therein, his last resort? He turned to the enemy of his enemy, and made a deal with a powerful trifecta of Emyprean. He traded everything he had, and much of what he didn't, and brought Indara back from the brink. She would live for almost 1,000 years, but he could spend only a single day with her out of every 300. And in response? The Infinite Chorus asked for relatively little, that couldn't be acquired with a blade..

Saturday, February 01, 2014


"We were lifeless, in the way only an immortal could be; without an end, it was postulated, we did not truly exist. We could do anything, go anywhere, because we weren’t alive, we didn’t exist, we didn’t affect the galaxy in the same way as the lesser species. We were more eternal than the stars themselves, more a fact of existence rather than an example; we had defied entropy, the last great enemy of life.

"With enough time we could justify anything. Morality fell away, becoming a meaningless exercise in a series of laws we no longer obeyed. There was no death penalty, no prison that could hold us, and our species had gone far beyond the petty ideals of justice and punishment. We could strip away the layers of existence and not worry about the consequences since we were beyond end, beyond death.

"A part of me isn’t surprised it ended. We defied entropy, and it sat sullen and sulking in the corner until it found a way to simply defy us."