Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DreX: Tracing Lines in the Sky

Actual excerpts from an ancient Hypertech log found within the Atlas Ruptured, a Hypertech ship found wrecked near the edges of the Drex system. Internal ship logs state the ship performed a fact-finding mission on the Cradle, and found many rare finds, including this log. Records not relating to the historical event titled ‘the Atrocity’ have been omitted. Press Play to continue.

Estimated Stardate: 15490
Begin recording. It is 109.1 on 018.00.1097. We’ve been asked to do these recordings as a security measure; everyone onboard the migration fleet has to do it, and after monitoring and exclusion by AORTA, we’ll be defined as sane. Or.. whatever else the case may be. Okay.. my name is RECORD OMITTED, currently onboard the Atlas Ruptured, one of the heavy-duty gravity-ships dragging NOAH through unknown space. We’ve been running for almost 0.13 now. They tell us we’ve outrun the worst of it. We can finally look into each others eyes and not fear for the worst. Captain RECORD OMITTED won’t tell us where we’re going, or what we’re going to do when we get there, but with the three largest Hypertech ships we have (that’s the NOAH, ANUBIS and the physical shell of AORTA, all in tow) we shouldn't have to wait long before we get somewhere. (A bell rings in the background.) Guess it’s my shift for observation. I repeat, this is RECORD OMITTED … and we seem to have survived the genocide of our species. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 15092
Begin recording. We’ve arrived at what’s been termed Zero Space. All coordinates on the ship have been reset, and we believe the same is happening across the fleet. Already, they’ve detached NOAH, and we seem to be go. They’re calling this place… Drex. Not sure why, or what it means, but I’ve heard whispers that it means ‘creating something new out of old pieces’. They’re preparing the Hyperreal uplink for reactivation; it’ll be weird, being able to use the HR again. I might sneak out early, see if I can watch it being brought back in. (A high pitched alarm rings in the background.) Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean that. I will work to my upmost ability. (He laughs) End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14962
Begin recording. The Hyperreal uplink has been established! We have access to the HR intranet again! Being in contact with so many individuals again is terrifying, like regaining sight after being blind for years. It was only 0.0.0310 before NOAH reactivated. I hear specialists have already been feeding him.. err… It instructions. We detached it early today, and it set off for work. I hear it’s going to build a Dyson Sphere, but.. we still don’t have a sun. We’ve settled in a barren, empty, hollow area of space. What are the Isolus thinking? I’d love to know, but… Ah, forget it, my shift starts soon. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14922
Begin recording. NOAH has stripped all unnecessary parts, and has began building the sphere, as I heard. We always thought the entire Hypertech ship was NOAH, but that wasn’t true; almost 80% of that bulk was spare materials, to be processed and turned into raw nanomachines. With the nanomachines built, they are simply refining and reproducing themselves, and all the other Hypertech ships no longer in use, to make the materials necessary for construction of the sphere. To think that NOAH also contains the genetic material for thousands of salvaged races. Amazing! They’re preparing AORTA for the uplink back into the Hyperreal; although she’s active, she only has access to a limited network of ships. It must be horrible, being trapped like that. She’s reorganised our schedules four times today for efficiency purposes! (He sighs). End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14901
Begin recording. No one mentioned Anubis was online. I think the Isolus didn’t want to scare us, but.. he is. We all still have memories of what that.. thing.. is capable of doing. Apparently they have him constrained. But glorious news; he’s building a sun! They’re crowning it Eta Aristillus. It’ll be good to bathe in natural light again.. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14830
Begin recording. It’s been so long! We have natural light, we have planets to walk upon, and we have the protection and security of our own dyson sphere! Two, infact; an external sphere to keep us safe, and an internal sphere, around Aristillus, to provide us with energy. The nanomachines are reproducing almost continually now they have an energy source, and NOAH is sorting through the seeds to find suitable races for the first wave of Genesis. They’re announcing the results later today. I have 500 credits on the Zrusk! End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14797
Begin recording. I guess I lost those credits then. The announcement was 0.0.0-001.3 ago. The Takk’Atth Shay have been selected. We need a race completely capable of operating on it’s own, without our help and intervention, and the Takk’Atth Shay are no doubt that race; hell, they did enough for us back.. well, back then. It’ll be good to see another species. I used to be a biological engineer of sorts, mostly as a hobby. The way NOAH creates life so swiftly it’s incredible.. I hear he’s already began synthesis of the Takk’Atth Shay from the imperative, and it’s only a matter of time. I wish I could.. do.. something. Anyway, I’m off to work; we’re upgrading the Constructs logic engines again, to tune them back into the Hyperreal, one at a time. Such a slow process, but they’re barely functional without it. All those years disconnected from their mind.. it must have been so lonely. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14791
Begin recording. The A.R.C. has been finished, lost inside Eta Aristillus, and Anubis has been shut down. I’m looking at him now; just a chunk of obsidian floating in the darkness of space, completely silent and unmoving. It was almost instant; his metal just turned to liquid and coalesced into a ball about as large as an escape pod. To think of what our enemies thought of us when we unleashed that… thing… on them. Anyway, the Takk’Atth Shay are complete now. We sped up their evolution from the imperative baseline, and are live-birthing fully grown specimens. It’s eerie to watch them as they burst from their vats, screaming. Apparently, they are born through a moment of agonising pain, then the drugs calm them, but they take time to stop screaming. Heh. But they have a colony, and we have explained our circumstances to them. They are happy to help. Already, they are grasping what they call ‘sorcery’, and they are helping to shape the worlds around us. I’ve been assigned on duty for the birthing of the Humans, when time is right; AORTA must have heard my last comments, about this being a hobby. Lucky me. I look forward to it, but it scares me a little. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 14601
Begin recording. We have been dealt a heart-breaking blow. The.. the Takk’Atth Shay are infected. They have our disease. We knew it would follow us, and we know we would suffer from it, but it has jumped species. The Takk’Atth Shay share much of our genetic template, but our diseases stay generally unique. We are… debating whether to inform them. I pity them. They cannot breed, their memories fade over time, and they’ll become pallid and go through periods of weakness. But the stillbirths. I still remember launching the dead through the evacuation tubes on each ship. Waves and waves of them, with their mothers screaming, some still covered in blood. It doesn’t help that our own conditions worsen daily. We have seen so much. Suffered so much. Was surviving still the right option? We will observe. The release of the Humans is pending. So much is pending. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 13977
Begin recording. The Takk’Atth Shay have been informed. They remain… resolute. Their numbers are high enough to survive this, if the disease remains contained. Sadly, this is unlikely. They have millennia before they are truly affected, before they die, but they are optimistic of a cure. The optimism spreads, and many of our own have started speaking of a cure. If the Takk’Atth Shay can, why can’t their creators? The Isolus are putting down this talk. They say it is unproductive. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 8499
Begin recording. I’d heard the rumours, but hadn’t seen any evidence of it. I mean, it’s the natural thing to do, isn’t it? When you have a tumour, you cut it out. And the ships were littered with the dead-and-dying, those infected beyond reason. So they’re quarantining them on independent ships. Split apart like lab rats… One of my friends was in the first batch, RECORD OMITTED. I hope they treat him well. A few of the Hypership councils are near-rioting, they consider the quarantine disrespectful of our race, a complete atrocity, and resources wasted that should be looking for a cure. Things are tense. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 7934
B..begin recording. I saw a Nonman today. I… I still can’t stop shaking. Huge, twisted, monster. What have they done? End log...

Estimated Stardate: 7519
Begin recording. The Eridarians have been seeded on Eradrea. NOAH has only recently finished the terraforming of Eradrea and its sister planet, Cendra. Both are beautiful, lush, green paradises. The Isolus said they needed something heart-warming, a celebration of how far we’ve come. There’s only one species left to seed. The Humans. Still pending. With their genetic identity so close to our own, we don’t want to risk spreading the infection any further than we have to. Even though NOAH is estimated to reserve over two thirds of the genetic material of each race, just in case. Surely we can afford to make a few mistakes? End log.

Estimated Stardate: 7251
Begin recording. There are whispers that a few of the breakaway ships from the fleet are working on a cure, purposefully infecting each other to use as subjects. They’re using sorcery. Foul, foul stuff. They’re calling themselves Nonmen, and their forces grow larger with each day, as do our quarantined numbers. The disease is spreading faster now, through Exohumans; the Takk’Atth Shay are still proceeding, albeit much slower. At least their rate of infection is low. If they can find a cure, it would be great, but if it means selling our souls to the Unreal? I’d rather be sick. Then again, I’m not infected. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 3779
Begin recording. The Nonmen have been exiled from Drex. They were using sorcery to mutate their bodies, literally letting the Unreal drain into them. Worse still, they were abducting the creatures we were seeding, and using them as sacrifices to better open gateways to the Unreal. We found many of these… sacrifices. It was horrible. No one deserved that fate. The Nonmen still have Hyperships though, and we can’t risk open warfare. They’ve been given the ultimatum; leave Drex peacefully now, or.. Well, I don’t know what we can do. We have the numbers, but… the things they can do with sorcery. (He tuts, then sighs deeply.) End log.

Estimated Stardate: 1976
Begin recording. They destroyed one of our ships, the Shadow of the Immortal! She was transporting a group of Nonmen to a Nonman-designated ship, when it happened. Apparently, one of them just went berserk, and blew a whole in the side of the ship. The vid-cams that were released were incredible; they just strode through the hallways, and everything that approached them turned to ash or burst into flames. In an instant! I always knew we could use the Unreal, that all Exohumans could perform sorcery, but are we all that powerful? The Isolus have ordered the Nonmen to give up the fugitives; they escaped! Where no other Exohuman left that ship alive! I don’t like this. Not one bit. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 412
Begin recording. They’ve been broadcasting their message for over 0.0.030 now. Messages of their ‘inherent superiority’, that they are the ‘light’ and we are the ‘darkness’. They brand themselves the ‘Enlightened’ and offer to take in any Exohuman who can see the ‘true path’. Including the infected! They say they have a cure! Nonsense. But it’s working. They’re leaving in droves. Even hijacking whole ships. Our fleet is barely at half strength! It’s disappointing to see my fellows so weak-minded. Back to work, I guess… End log.

Estimated Stardate: 290
Begin recording. Their ships were everywhere, which has to be understood. Everywhere! In 10 cycles I’ve seen more Nonmen ships than Exohuman ships. Armed and armoured and just.. waiting. Watching. Well, that watching came to an end. Sixteen different engagements across Drex. Sixteen! Surprise attacks, too. Ten cycles and we were unprepared. The Isolus have declared war on the ‘heathen’ Nonmen. Sorcery versus Science, some are saying. We’re at war.

Estimated Stardate: 190
Begin recording. Their fleet has grown to incredible proportions. They’ve been trading technology to the Cendrans. In return, not only are they building ships and weapons for them, but they’re fighting for them too. Cendran armies in Cendran ships are fighting for those very creatures who would sacrifice them for their lifeforce! The Constructs have ships of their own (light, nimble bastards too, without the need for life support or crew quarters), but the Cendrans have this… way with technology. It’s amazing. Amazing and worrying. And they still refuse to listen to us.. End log!

Estimated Stardate: 138
Begin recording. Their fleet has captured Eta Aristillus, what they call ‘Darkstar’. Not only that, but they’re building.. something.. there. It’s huge, just tagged onto the side of the Dyson Sphere. We’re concerned about the A.R.C. We’re concerned about everything at the moment. But we have to keep fighting onwards! We’re moving to make Aiden our main base of operations; it’s the largest planet in Drex, and more-so, the Cyrix and Terev are both loyal to our cause. They’re  building ships, making weapons, and training soldiers as we speak. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 53
Begin recording. We had no other choice. We had no weapons that could penetrate their shield technology. Their weapons were capable of decimating our fleets long before we were in range to retaliate. And their fleets are too quick, too strong, too numerous. So we did the only thing we could. NOAH was ordered to release a gene-tank from its supplies. It’s fell to Cendra like a falling star, nothing could stop it. The planet is covered in a thick cloud of genetic material; we don’t know what will come of it, but when this war is over, we will make amends! Remember this! We. WILL. Make. Amends! End log.

Estimated Stardate: 47
Begin recording. Atrocity after atrocity. This isn’t a war. Not only have the Nonmen finished their construction of this ‘Cradle’, but rumour has it they’ve equipped it with a weapon that will win the war for them. If anybody ever reads this, you have to know that we were out of options. Our fleets are all but gone. The Cyrix and Terev fleets are busy finishing off the remaining Cendran ships. If we don’t stop the Nonmen now, nobody will. I just hope that future generations will one day forgive us. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 19
Begin recording. That ball of obsidian opened up today. And with it, the gates of oblivion. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 8
Begin recording. What have we done? Aiden has been destroyed. It’s nothing but an asteroid field. The Cyrix, the Terev, the Cendrans; extinct. Gone. The Nonmen fleet has been destroyed, but at what cost? We don’t even have the ships left to chase those few Nonmen vessels that limped into the darkness beyond the Veil. And now the wrath of Anubis has fell upon us. Our ships fight an endless battle against the obsidian legions that call themselves ‘Onno O Mita’. Jackal-like Constructs in pitch-black ships, more missile than vessel. We’re doomed. Our last chance is to fight our way to the Cradle, activate the ARC, but Anubis is too smart for that. He’s assembled the largest fleet he has in front of the Cradle. Worse still, the Cradle itself is still full of Nonmen and their vile sorcerous creations. But what choice do we have? End log.

Estimated Stardate: 1
Begin recording. We’ve retaken the Cradle from those.. machines, and the Nonmen still there. This is possible the first time an Exohuman has stepped foot on the Nonmen-built Cradle. (Energy weapons sound off in the background.) We have a long fight ahead of us. We have to make our way to the ARC, but the Nonmen built this place like a maze; hundreds of levels, layer after layer, until we reach our destination. This is our only hope. Our fleet is trying to defend our escape route as long as they can, but that was just pleasantries for everybody involved. We.. (An explosion silences the recording for a few moments. It soon returns, with white noise around the edges.) We know we’re not coming back, and we’ve accepted it. I’ve never been one to believe in Gods, manufactured or otherwise, but if there are any, I just hope they’re smiling on us here…. End log.

Estimated Stardate: 0
Begin recording. (An alarm rings loud and deafening in the background. A cold electronic voice is counting down.) Where do I start? I don’t know. We got to the ARC. We found what we needed. Anubis has been shutdown, and locked away beyond reach. The Onno O Mita jackals seem to be retreating, and taking their dead. There are only three of us left. There were no Nonmen blocking our path, but their mutilations of science and sorcery were everywhere. Even now, they pound on the doors to this facility. (Only now are the smashing sounds against the door audible. The voice warns of weapon activation) But they left a trap, those Nonmen bastards. As if they knew everything that would happen! As if they could predict the future.. (He sighs. You can hear two people in the background arguing about ‘Who goes first’.) When we got into the ARC, it set off a weapon. We don’t know what it does, but we know it’s powered by sorcery. We can feel it in the air. And more of those.. things.. are heading this way, as if they’re attracted here. God damnit, we do the impossible, and still more is expected of us. (An electronic voice says ‘Weapon activation in 5.… 4…. 3…. 2….”) What more can we do? (There is a loud blast, and then only dead frequency.)

Device resetting. . . . . . . . . .
Reset. . . . . . . . . .
Please input date. . . . . . . . . .
Date? What date is this... I woke up this morning, and I… I don’t know where I am, or what day it is. I’m in some sort of facility, something ancient and… I feel scared. There are two other people here. I remember so many names, but… I don’t know what any of them mean. Where a……..
Date not in correct format.
Please input date. . . . . . . . . .
There’s a loud banging on the door and.. I don’t know anything about a damn date! (He begins speaking to somewhere else.) Where are you going? Oh. Opening the door. I found this thing in my hand. It… feels like I should be speaking into it, but.. yes. Yes, open the door, see what’s making that damn noise!
Date not in correct format.
Please input date. . . . . . . . . .

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